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Welcome to the House Austreus Eos guild website. Feel free to take a look around and learn more about us.

-Albel (Site Admin)
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House AE Raiding

Skyline, Apr 5, 12 12:26 AM.
We would like everyone to use the raid calender so we know who will be available on raid nights. People who meet raid requirements and sign up for raid will get priority over people who don't. This does not guarantee you a spot over other people who sign up(based on raid make up), but will guarantee you a spot over someone who did not sign up for the raid. I would like everyone to please read the requirements and stay within the guidelines. Vent is required to raid!

If you do not meet these requirements remember Hard Mode Flashpoints drop PVE/columi gear.

Normal Mode Ops
This is for anyone who has farmed lvl 50 daily mods for their gear with some columi gear or 3/4 cent/champ gear.

Minimum Health(without stim/BH buff)- Sorc(13k) IA/maurauder(14k) Merc(15k) Tank(17k)

Hard Mode Ops
This is for experienced players who have raided. Only smart players who can follow directions on the fly will cut it as everyone needs to be on top of their game. 3/4 Columi(or equal) minimum will be needed to beat enrage timers. This is where the separation begins!

Minimum Health(without stim/BH buff)- Sorc (15k) IA ranged/heal (15.5k) IAmelee/Maurader(16k) Merc(17k) Tank(18.5k)

Nightmare Mode Ops

This is for players who have cleared both hard mode ops and have at least full columi with some rakata gear!

Minimum Health(without stim/BH buff)- Sorc(16k) IA ranged/heal(16.5k) IAmelee/maurader(17k) Merc(18.5k) Tank(20k)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or any Officer

Making Progress and New Seasons

SuperXero, Mar 28, 12 1:21 AM.
On tuesday night, House AE finally pushed in to 16 man content and successfully took down three bosses in 16 man Karagga's Palace. With this step forward we will continue to make strides toward being the furthest progressed guild we can be on the server. Also, the new pvp season is fast approaching, and with it, the ability to queue for warzones as a full 8 man roster. This is also going to bring about even fiercer rivalries and rankings. So be prepared, and get your best gear and specs ready, because as time goes on, House AE is going to be moving ever forward toward being a competitive force in both the pvp and pve worlds.

-Albel (Site Admin)

House AE 2 Hard Modes 0

SuperXero, Mar 20, 12 12:44 AM.
House AE is proud to say that we are now done with all content pre-nightmare modes with the completions of both Eternity Vault Hard Mode and Karagga's Palace Hard Mode. House AE has also been recruiting as often as possible and is moving closer and closer to not only having multiple operation groups running but possibly trying our hand 16 man content.
Great work all around fellas!

-Albel (Site Admin)

House AE furthers Progress

SuperXero, Mar 15, 12 2:54 PM.
During the first night of raiding this week House AE moved even further in to Karagga's Palace hard mode by downing the first two bosses with relative ease and plan to move even deeper in to content with it's second primary raid night.

Keep up the good work guys.
-Albel (Site Admin)

House AE VS Karagga's Palace

SuperXero, Mar 12, 12 2:17 PM.
Within the previous raid week House AE has completed Karagga's Palace on the normal difficulty with a light amount of execution errors, but a whole lot of fun. With this operation completed, House AE has now finished Eternity Vault on normal Difficulty, Karagga's Palace on Normal Difficulty, and are one boss away from having Eternity Vault cleared on Hard Difficulty as well.

Keep up the good work House members, and keep pushing on to higher and harder encounters!
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